LifeDreams4All project

The LifeDreams4All project is based on the lack of achievement and low participation of young people in VET and/or mobility programmes from disadvantaged backgrounds (e.g. from deprived socioeconomic backgrounds, BMIs, refugees, job seekers and those with learning difficulties) on an European level.

The main aim of the project is to transfer basic modules and training material developed by Embrace Cooperation, and to then adjust, translate and pilot them within our sector of independent training providers in Germany and Turkey.

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Young Social Enterprise Europe

Throughout Europe, social entrepreneurship is growing and the movement is gaining speed through the implementation of the "Big Society", running public services corroboratively and transparently with the people who benefit from them. This project explores common themes around the set-up, running and financing of social enterprises. Social enterprises are mission driven organisations that apply market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose. Their implementation (set-up/ financing/ running) differs from country to country. Our emphasis is on the role vocational training plays/ can play in the set-up and running of social enterprises for young adults (18 - 30 years).

With this project we come together as partners active in vocational training, whilst supporting young adults and social entrepreneurs in our respective countries. All partners are involved in training/ supporting young adults into employment and training (incl. setting-up and running social businesses). We want to develop a Social Enterprise Guide which will draw lessons from across the EU partner countries, highlighting their unique differences in approaches and special circumstances for setting-up, running and financing social enterprises.

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Transfer of innovative VET system in Wind Energy Technologies (TrainWind)

TrainWind project proposes ICT-based training in WET to response to that demand and to offer target groups opportunity for professional development. European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has announced that it expects EU wind energy sector to create over 250,000 new jobs in the next decade. In Bulgaria/UK there is high demand for specialists in operation and maintenance in the sector. Official data states that each MW of installed capacity of wind power creates approximately 5 jobs for qualified staff. Thus, the demand for specialists in Wind Energy Technologies (WET) has increased by approximately 1500 people in Bulgaria.

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Welcome to the new Leap4Ward Project

Leading, Excelling, Actualizing, Prioritizing

The Leap4Ward project offers a unique opportunity to children, young people, community leaders and professionals to raise aspirations and achievement through a holistic approach using the expertise of three successful and well-established international organisations. We decided to cooperate in this project as our individual organisations have been committed over many years to making a difference to professionals as well as to young people who find themselves in challenging circumstances.

We are aware that none of us can offer this service without the expertise and knowledge of the other partners as young people as well as professionals benefit the most when support is holistic and given consistently. This allows achievement, self-progress, self-discipline, self-confidence, courage, sense of community and belonging to flourish.

Our Leap4Ward project team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals from formal and informal education, vocational training, community work, personal development, mentoring and mediation, counseling and creative media. Our tailor-made programmes are based on years of experience and take into consideration the situations and requirements of the organisations taking on our programmes.

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