Our objective is to serve people & the environment with inclusive, holistic,
experience-based, practical & interactive programmes.
We support young people & professionals in fulfilling their personal & professional aims & objectives through,
inclusive & holistic tailor-made training, placement & exchange programs
We accelerate our beneficiaries’ education, access to work & employment through a multi-agency approach
& cooperation within a network of specialists & specialist organisations.
‘We are a non-profit organisation based in London promoting youth placements, teacher/ educator exchange schemes as well as Personal Development workshops and environmental projects.’
Youth Development Programmes
Professional Exchanges
Working with Nature

Get Involved!

  • Embrace is proud to announce a series of interactive workshops designed to engage with the burning issues which can create major barriers for individuals to live their pe...
  • This 2-day session will offer you in-depth processes to assess and foster your ability to lead during challenges. The programme focuses on Self-Leadership which fosters o...
  • Our team can help supervise and organise activities for teams of corporate volunteers run at sites in South London. In the past corporate volunteer teams working under ou...