Youth Development Projects

International Field Study Work in Groups

Students in vocational training experience many advantages for their professional development during and after international work experiences in Europe. The majority of participants feel that it has increased their confidence in general and to work internationally, fostered their mobility and enhanced their CVs & therefore their employability.

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This project offered IVT students between the ages of 16 and 26 the opportunity to gain European job experience for 2 weeks in Germany and Turkey. All participants came from disadvantaged areas such as inner city London or Burnley in the North-West of England, they have had to deal with many issues such as socioeconomic challenges, or being part of an ethnic minority. In total we facilitated the mobility of 43 IVT students including intensive preparation. We targeted IVT courses that young people with mild to severe special needs often take up because they are more closely linked to their interests, talents and ways of learning.

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GATE Project

This was a pioneering opportunity, the first example of international work experience placements for adults with severe to moderate learning difficulties and disabilities. Two groups of 10 participants attended three-week placements in Thuringia (aka the green lung of Germany) in November 2007 and February 2008. A full programme was designed in collaboration between Embrace Cooperation, their partners in Germany and Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College.

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Integration durch Austausch (Freiberg)

The federal Ministry for Work and Social Affairs has initiated a new programme in conjunction with IDA (integration through exchange). The project focuses on empowering young unemployed adults through European mobility and exchange programmes, in order to gain social and professional experience that will allow them to compete within the wider European and foreign labour market.

The educational institute PSCHERER gGmBH, together with GSQ (Association for Structure development and Qualifications) and ARGE Freiberg (job centre) have developed the programme ‘Transnational Initiative for Young People in Middle-Saxony” and will implement this programme together between 01/10/2009 and 30/06/2012.

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Youth & Body Image Workshop

Today’s society portrays a very twisted image of beauty for men and women of all ages. When adolescents view these images, they get torn between their own actual body image and their perceived body image. As a result, boys and girls often develop psychological and physical problems at various degree, yet all connected to the conflict between their inside and outside.

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