Corporate Volunteering

Our team can help supervise and organise activities for teams of corporate volunteers run at sites in South London. In the past corporate volunteer teams working under our supervision have created beautiful community gardens, planted wildlife hedges, painted walls & fences, created raised beds & much more. Building team spirit in the corporate volunteer teams and creating community assets that are beneficial to London communities.

Corporate Volunteering can provide the following benefits to companies:

  • Improved skills for your staff including leadership, negotiation and problem solving
  • Increased team motivation & productivity, increases employee job satisfaction, helping retain important staff members
  • Improved perception of your company & brand, generates positive attitudes towards your company
  • Networking opportunities, staff collaborating with colleagues on a welcome break from their desks & building team spirit
  • Great opportunity for good coverage in local press or trade media
  • Help off set your company carbon footprint

Community Partner sites

We work with schools, community organisations (such as other Charities, Friends of groups, Tenants & Residents Associations, Youth groups, etc) and Council Park Departments. Working in partnership we help organise and run bespoke volunteer activities on partners’ sites to help make vital improvements to their sites and help manage green spaces / wildlife areas.

If you require more information about any of our services please feel free to Contact us.