Raising Achievement & Participation through inclusive Holistic Placement Programmes for Europe

The LifeDreams4All TOI project is based on the lack of achievement and low participation of young people in VET and/or mobility programmes from disadvantaged backgrounds (e.g. from deprived socioeconomicbackgrounds, BMIs, refugees, job seekers and those with learning difficulties) on an European level. We trained 20 professionals with background in (and/or) personal development training/ social pedagogy/ social work vocational training/ monitoring/integration/ rehabilitation into education and/or the labour market.

All partners in this consortium have several years of experience in mobility programmes, with a main focus to foster the success and achievement of disadvantaged young people in their vicinity through inclusion into the mainstream. All partners have worked with each other for many years in various projects including mobilities (IVT, PLM and VETPRO) and we have a trustful and effective working rapport with each other.

The overall aims and objectives of the holistic LifeDreams4All project are to transfer the LifeDreams scheme (skill-based work placement with tailor-made personal development programme) to Germany and Turkey. Both partners are accustomed to the unique programme and will play a leading role in rolling it out in their country. As the scheme has 3 levels (preparation phase/ placement phase and placement bridge phase) it affects sending and hosting organizations equally and maximizes the effect by them working together using the same methods. We devised and adjusted the LifeDreams toolkit for the training, ongoing evaluation of the train-the-trainer program and the practice phase of the trainers, we disseminated our results through intensive use of media (film, photography, interviews, websites etc.), targeted meetings with key players in the area of education and training in all 3 countries by using exchange of good practice from teachers and young people, giving taster sessions and supporting the young people on placements through the LifeDreams scheme in the second phase of the project.