Fit 4 future with green skills


We will be transferring this eco-training (see attached overview) from our Austrian partner (CPC Austria GmbH), whilst also assisting with the adaptation of the resources to suit the needs of the UK. As an example we call CPC’s developed trainings in form of an environmental management system in into more than 5000 companies worldwide.

The following needs and deficits are addressed:

  • no or less-developed competence in environmental and sust. development
  • no learning opportunities and certifications in this field (only technical trainings or academic degrees)
  • no sust. business development without sust. protagonists
  • no understanding of management systems (ISO 14001/EMAS)

With this experience 2010 CPC developed a special training model to address these needs to develop 'green skills' with the name “Environmental manager according to ECOPROFIT”.


The main objectives of this project are:

  • to standardize the curriculum (European standard as ECDL)
  • to adapt it to special needs of the workplace in European countries
  • to modify the trainings booklets and materials
  • to test it with pilot courses in various groups with following fine-tuning
  • to transfer the train the trainer concept
  • to set up certification boards to assure the sustainability of the product
  • to share the lessons learned & to prepare for further dissemination within Europe


1. Professionals in various work settings able to influence the organisation’s environmental impact

2. Trainers who can support the adaptation of resources & train the trainers for the Ecoprofit training

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When: October 2012 – September 2014