Renewable Energy Specialists


The UK’s National Agency ECOTEC has awarded Embrace with one of the European Commission’s flagship Transfer of Innovation projects. The project has been developed over the years to address the need for qualified and well-trained people working in the renewable energy sector. The project will be a platform to share the regional/ national differences in vocational education and training (VET) within the renewable energy sector. This 2-year project started in October 2009 and we will work with UK crafts colleges, industry partners and organisations already delivering training in renewable energy across Europe.

The main activities of the project:

  • To prepare country specific briefing sheets, a snapshot of current developments and challenges in the renewable energy sector in the UK and in each of the partner countries (Austria and Germany)./li>
  • To translate and adapt training resources developed under the Solarteur brand, a well-established training since 1995.
    • Principles of heating and electrical engineering within renewables
    • Ecological-marketing
    • Specialisation 1 Solar Hot Water
    • Specialisation 2 Solar PV
    • Optional module 3 biomass/ wind or heat pump technology
    • Software and simulation programmes
  • Using the translated and adapted resources, the project will then train, test, qualify, and accredit 10 VET teacher trainers, crafts professionals with relevant vocational experience. The second pilot group of 10 IVT students/ people in the labour market will be trained by some of the newly qualified teachers/ trainers.
  • Disseminate and mainstream the project’s outcomes within the sector on a local, national and international level


We will work together with organisations that support our push for training in renewable energy needs working with appropriately qualified and trained educators using state of the art equipment and teaching resources. Should the outcomes of this project be as forecasted we will make the Solarteutraining commercially available in the UK, benefiting from an already established Solarteur school network across Europe.

Here is a short update to our Renewable Energy Specialists Project (May 2011)

Thematic Networking event overview: ‘Reflecting on the Achievements of Thematic Networking & Aligning with Policy for the Future’, 24 May 2011.

Embrace participated in the event as part of their dissemination strategy for the Renewable Energy Specialist in light of their work within the European Qualification Framework (EQF) and specifically in adapting and mapping the RE Specialist to the UK's Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) through the Sector Skills Council (SummitSkills). The day has been very eventful and the briefings on the future of the Life Long Learning Programme were very insightful. Embrace also learned about how other organisations went about the mapping to QCF within their respective industries (IT and Health Care) and how to align the RE Specialist qualification so it is relevant and suitable for the UK market.

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Here is a short update to our Renewable Energy Specialists Project (February 2011)

Embrace is very pleased that we were able to facilitate a new partnership between SolarWatt, a Solar PV manufacturer from Germany and their local partner, Enexos Ltd here in London. We have always believed that our Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO exchanges lead to great things such as:

  • New projects
  • Joint European services
  • Establishment of companies and new partnerships

In 2009, we facilitated a Best Practice exchange with Pscherer gGmbH in Germany to share the knowledge and skills we had acquired in relation to vocational training in the renewable energy sector. Gerard Sauer and David Finlay (directors of Enexos) were participants during this exchange where they also partook in an excursion to SolarWatt. To read more about the exchange please click here:

Embrace is looking forward to supporting this partnership by offering tailor-made training to installers of Solar PV based on our current TOI project “Renewable Energy Specialists.” The training here in the UK will start this summer. To register your interest, please apply here:

Here is a short update to our Renewable Energy Specialists Project (January 2011)

From the 01.11 - 26.11 2010 Embrace sent 9 vocational professionals (electricians and plumbers) as well as 2 teacher/ trainers to Germany.
The programme was based on the Solarteur training scheme and we trained these 9 professionals based on the translated and adapted materials from the Solarteur. This training started out with the general course "Energy, Market, Environment" which provides an overview of building regulations, incentive schemes, general information on CO2/ Climate Change and its implications as well as an overview of the main types of renewable energy technologies.

Once completed, the participants received training (theory/practice) on Solar PV and Solar Thermal. We arranged some site visits to demonstrate renewable energy in various domestic and commercial settings and as part of an energy mix (integrating heat pumps with Solar PV/Thermal). This training has enabled us to further refine the training modules of the "Solarteur" scheme and to start the Mapping Process with SummitSkills ( in order to align the training to the Qualifications and Credit Framework ( before getting the training accredited here in the UK. To see what the participants have done in the 4 weeks please check our blog: here

Here is a short update to our Renewable Energy Specialists Project (May 2010)

From the 06.04 - 24.04 Embrace sent 11 vocational professionals to Germany to take part in "Train the Trainers" programme.
The programme was based on the Solarteur training scheme and focused on gaining insider knowledge of how the Solarteur training is done in Europe. The Solarteur is a hands-on training for vocational professionals (plumbers, electricians, heating & ventilation engineers etc.) which encompasses theoretical training and practical focusing on Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Biomass, Heat Pumps. The 11 trainers/ vocational professionals took part in this training experience how the Solarteur is being taught to students with the view of testing its suitability for the UK market as well as analysing its teaching resources/ materials. To see what the participants have done in the 3 weeks please check our blog: here