Young Social Enterprise Europe

Throughout Europe, social entrepreneurship is growing and the movement is gaining speed through the implementation of the "Big Society", running public services corroboratively and transparently with the people who benefit from them. This project explores common themes around the set-up, running and financing of social enterprises. Social enterprises are mission driven organisations that apply market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose. Their implementation (set-up/ financing/ running) differs from country to country. Our emphasis is on the role vocational training plays/ can play in the set-up and running of social enterprises for young adults (18 - 30 years).

With this project we came together as partners active in vocational training, whilst supporting young adults and social entrepreneurs in our respective countries. All partners are involved in training/ supporting young adults into employment and training (incl. setting-up and running social businesses). We developed a Social Enterprise Guide which drew lessons from across the EU partner countries, highlighting their unique differences in approaches and special circumstances for setting-up, running and financing social enterprises.

The partnership developed a Social Enterprise Guide to highlight best practices in the partner countries, be a guide for social entrepreneurs, support agencies, funders and investors and point to resources (i.e. information on setting-up, business training, funding/ finance etc), available in the different countries. We also established a Story Bank of successful social entrepreneurs to be an inspiration for other to follow their footsteps and set up social firms that follow the "People, Planet, Profit" triple bottom line of social enterprises.