Embrace Woodland


This one year Heritage Lottery funded, Embrace Cooperation Ltd project that was started in October 2009 and run in partnership with environmental conservation charity Trust for Urban Ecology (TRUE).

The project focused on traditional woodland crafts, environmental conservation, increase awareness of, and encourage participants to maintain and preserve the Dulwich Upper Wood (London) nature reserve site for future generations. These traditional woodland crafts have been developed over many years and the local native wildlife has also adapted slowly over time. As the wildlife benefits from these practical crafts they have become part of the site management.


The following woodland crafts and environmental conservation techniques were covered by the project:
  • Wildlife Surveys / Walks
  • Small Tree Felling / Coppicing
  • Hedge Laying
  • Dead Hedge Creation And Maintenance
  • Traditional Wooden Fencing
  • Glade Maintenance
  • Wildlife Pond Maintenance
  • Making Bird And Bat Boxes

All these techniques are traditional, sometimes ancient methods of conservation and it aims to encourage wildlife and native plants to thrive.

Project Video

A project video was be created with oral history video interviews being organised. The interviews were be about woodland conservation techniques and the site history. With wildlife experts and local community members being interviewed by project volunteers. Also project practical conservation events were videoed to show the techniques involved in management of the site and woodland crafts.

To see more videos please visit the Project Blog.


There is lots of opportunities for volunteers on this project including:

  • Learning practical environmental conservation
  • Wildlife surveying
  • Help run wildlife walks
  • Graphic design for project flyers / event posters
  • Administration
  • Project blog design / updates
  • Project Myspace / Facebook / other social networks design & updates
  • Video film making
  • Video film editing
  • Photography
  • Help developing new projects

Local community groups & schools

We worked closely with local community groups and schools, including developing tailor made events / sessions for community group members & school students.

Future projects

Through our environmental projects we got to know what our target groups enjoy most. We would like to see in the future and how Embrace can serve them best. Embrace is currently applying for additional projects aimed at schools to foster pupils with practical environmental education as we have seen a big demand here for our services. We also work in partnership with different community groups to mutually benefit shared target groups.