Lost Stories of Ruskin Park

This year project increased awareness of the historic and natural heritage of Ruskin Park and the local area surrounding the park. Historic heritage research techniques was taught in order to preserve the heritage of Ruskin Park for future generations. In the past 5 years, Embrace ran several very successful Heritage Lottery projects focusing on the natural heritage of the respective sites.

Differences from previous Embrace Cooperation Ltd Heritage Lottery projects:

  • With this project, our main focus was the historic heritage with a much lighter focus on natural heritage.
  • The project concentrated on researching historical facts and designing educational outputs (booklet, film, podcast, time capsule & park sign) for future & present generations.
  • We also offered new workshops based on poetry writing to connect past and present around the writings of John Ruskin.
  • We presented the researched heritage information and other project outcomes in new exciting ways to help local communities engage with their local heritage.
  • Heritage skills training for project participants/volunteers: Archival research skills to research documents about the park’s history was taught by Lambeth Archive staff.

Participants were also be sent on training to gain skills to conduct oral history interviews. Development of project book, podcast and film: The information and interviews collected through applying these heritage research and interviewing skills were used to create a project booklet, podcast and documentary film. These contained historic and natural heritage information about Ruskin Park and the surrounding area. The project booklet and film was put into a time capsule (provided by Lambeth Council) with other material collected from local community groups and placed in Ruskin Park for future generations to find. By completing these activities we linked the past, present and future of Ruskin Park and our target beneficiaries (young people, BME, local communities) got to explore the history, making it relevant to the present using modern media.

The project included:

  • Tailor made events for community groups & schools
  • Poetry writing workshops
  • Guided historic heritage walks
  • History research at local Archives / Libraries
  • Visit to Tate Britain
  • Photography walks
  • Guided nature walks & surveys
  • Practical nature conservation events
  • Creation of project film & pod cast
  • Oral history interviews
  • Project booklet about Ruskin Park
  • Create of park information sign about John Ruskin
  • Creation of a time capsule
  • Final exhibition