Natural History Exploration of Streatham Common

The project’s activities included nature walks, nature photography sessions, picnics, video creation, graphic design and booklet creation. Through the project’s practical activities we established a database of people interested in taking part in similar future activities in the local area. With 289 people recorded as taking part in the project activities

A project oral history video was created that will preserve the older generation’s memories of Streatham Common for years to come. We have uploaded video on the Internet and has been uploaded on the project website blog, YouTube, Myspace and Facebook for people to view. The video was watched over 100 times in the first day of being uploaded to the web. The video will both preserve memories and introduce Streatham Common to new users. We have given over 30 copies of the video to Lambeth History Archives, Wandsworth History Archives, local schools, local libraries, local community groups and project participants.

  • The researching and recording of the video also provided an opportunity for interaction between the target age groups (young adults & older members of the local community). This interaction and dialogue made a positive and hopefully lasting impression on our young project volunteers and participants. With both groups indicating an interest in similar projects where they interact with each other.
  • A project booklet called “Embrace Your Environment” was also created by a team of volunteers. The booklet team researched the history of Streatham Common, designed, wrote and edited the booklet.
  • Project volunteers have gained a lot of work experience from the project and have been given a lot of responsibilities. This experience will help them in their future careers and some of our project volunteers are now helping Embrace develop new project, which they may have a role in running as a paid member of staff.
  • Many new community environmental/horticultural projects are now being created directly as a result of the project. We have had a lot of interest from other community groups interested in developing environmental projects similar to this project with Embrace.