This project offered IVT students between the ages of 16 and 26 the opportunity to gain European job experience for 2 weeks in Germany and Turkey. All participants came from disadvantaged areas such as inner city London or Burnley in the North-West of England, they have had to deal with many issues such as socioeconomic challenges, or being part of an ethnic minority.

In total we facilitated the mobility of 43 IVT students including intensive preparation. We targeted IVT courses that young people with mild to severe special needs often take up because they are more closely linked to their interests, talents and ways of learning. These courses included various levels of vocational training in colleges or apprenticeships in areas such as Media, Craft (e.g. painting & decorating, carpentry), Catering, Social Studies, Care Work, and General Skills for Work Courses. Because of this, we were able to recruit more young people who would traditionally not take up such opportunities, but would greatly benefit when the chance is given to them. We succeeded in the project by:


  • Matching international placements with the participant’s college course, NVQ level, apprenticeship and current learning.
  • Supporting the participant to find necessary inner motivation, focus and perseverance to complete their vocational training successfully. We had no cancellations or early returns
  • Giving each participant tools of self-empowerment (e.g. reflective thinking, setting tangible tools, affirmations, positive life style choices) so that they can achieve in vocational training
  • Work closely with the management and key staff of the training providers (e.g.colleges, commercial enterprises, social enterprises & NGOs) at each stage of the project in order to maximise the impact
  • Engage with parents/ carers from a wide range of communities in such a way that young people who are unlikely to be allowed to participate could take this opportunity (e.g. Asian Females in IVT)