Our specialism is to foster LifeDreams!
“A LifeDream is a particular aim one has for one’s life, which the person wants to fulfil within a certain period of time. This fulfilment causes long-term happiness and contentment of the one dreaming.”

Definition from U. Heeder; PLM participant 2008

How does the LifeDream Scheme work?

Our slogan ‘It’s all about Life-Dreams’ defines our overall objective very clearly in supporting young people in their pursuit to achieve their professional and personal goals. Over the years we have developed a modular structure to deliver this scheme integrated in all our national and international programmes fostering learning and achievement of young adults. Many young people are going through challenges in their life or have experienced great obstacles in the past such as unemployment, learning difficulties, domestic discord, homelessness and displacement or simply feeling lost about what they could do with their lives which makes sense to them.

LifeDreams is a programme designed together with young people to support individuals find out what they really want from life and how to get it. It is a way of discovering what one would like to gain from their life and fostering trust in one’s self by experiencing that it is possible to fulfill their dreams….step by step in practical and manageable way.


The schemes offer them tools to face challenges in a meaningful and confident way, experience independence, cooperation, support and friendship with their peers at the same time. It is core to our work and contributes to the high success rates of integration, inclusion and rehabilitation of young people going through our programmes. Based on Embrace collective ethics, vision and practice; everyone working and volunteering for the organization work on their individual life dream so that whatever we share is real and authentic. Therefore we provide an atmosphere of kindness, respect, acceptance, understanding and encouragement for everyone who comes to embark on this challenging journey to be the best they can be.

A lot of perseverance, determination, focus, selfdisciple and tolerance is needed in conjunction with the appreciation that there is a whole network of support available from Embrace whenever they need it. The LifeDream Scheme is an empowering and youth-led approach to find one’s own strength, foster abilities and specialties, understanding and dealing effectively with one’s barriers and obstacles and set targets and make practical plans for the future. It provides various avenues of potential solutions and how to go about in a grounded way. We use methods of experiential learning through interactive workshops and activities, reflection techniques, expression via interactive media/ performing art, peer sharing, peer mentoring, professional mentoring, field-trips, challenging tasks such as presenting and speaking in front of groups in one’s mother tongue and/or the language of the host country and finally to sharing one’s LifeDream with others so that it will happen.