Professional Exchanges

Our Professional Exchange Programmes offer a platform for professionals working in the field of vocational training, reintegration and career guidance with the disadvantaged young people to exchange ideas with their peers on an international basis. We aim to generate discussions and new approaches on how to tackle important questions, raise the achievements and employability of young people, foster inclusion and find new solutions and support in this area of work. It also aims to foster and develop new transnational partnerships for joint projects.

We believe that our programmes encouraged our participants to become more passionate about Vocational Education and training, its impact on the young people and service users in their local communities and in their personal lives, which will help them to inspire the youth and their cohorts to achieve their own personal and professional targets.

Our Professional Exchange Programmes are relevant to participants’ continuous personal and professional development as they give them the opportunity to exchange methodologies and experiences of best practice in their fields of work.

We aim to foster a dialogue amongst professionals to learn from one another and to compare and reflect on strategies and methodologies of training and support.

The Exchange programmes aim to help participants to:
  • Observe and experience alternative, and potentially more effective, vocational training systems and methodologies in practice.
  • To exchange ideas and information on how we deliver services within our field of expertise in the UK but also learning from our counterparts from mainland Europe.
  • Collaborate with and learn from peers to foster the exchange of knowledge and technologies within the renewable energy/ sustainable construction sector.
  • Foster the exchange of best practice with peers and industry experts.
  • Explore the challenges involved as well as sharing insightful ideas on how to address them.
  • Provide tailor-made exchanges through best practice in order to deliver effective, structured and imaginative approaches to service users.