About Us

Embrace is a non-profit making, youth-led organisation based in London fostering effective and practical youth empowerment through holistic national and international placement schemes. Our staff consists of qualified professionals as well as volunteers. We have many volunteers who have joined us, they have the chance to learn new skills and they have been granted opportunities for training, in total we worked with over 50 volunteers. This work started with Embrace Unlimited - a small volunteer group in 2000 and since October 2004 we have operated as a non-profit making, limited company.

Embrace is “All about LifeDreams” fostering the individual dreams and aspirations of everyone we work with. But what is it? When we speak about Embrace’s LifeDream project we are referring to a modular structure for bespoke workshops for young people and professionals (Train-the-Trainer Program), which can be combined to facilitate holistic support to a young adult whilst on work placement/ undergoing further training.

“A LifeDream is a particular aim one has for one’s life, which the person wants to fulfil within a certain period of time. This fulfilment causes long-term happiness and contentment of the one dreaming.” We are actively contributing to a variety of local, national and international partnership projects with a variety of partners from the world of education, training, industry and commerce, the Third Sector (charities and non-profit organisations) as well as working with various governmental and non-governmental institutions.

 Embrace’s objectives are:

  • To become one of the best employment support providers for young people who are facing challenges in their lives
  • To support young people in the transition phase from adolescence to adulthood into independence
  • To become one of the best training provider for professionals working with young people by providing training schemes and exchanges of ‘best practice’ with partner organisations in the UK, EU as well as outside of the European Union
  • To carry out research and influence policy on issues relevant to young people