Embrace was founded 2000 as a small community grassroots organization with one or two projects annually, it provided the opportunity for young people who ordinarily would not have the means or inclination due to tradition, cultural or economic background, to go abroad and participate in our work experience programme in a safe and stable environment.

Embrace continued to grow and in 2004 it became a limited company by guarantee with a non profit making clause. Embrace continued to improve and expand upon its main objective to offer opportunities for young people to explore their potential as well as for professionals to seek new ways to support young people on a national and international level. From this many projects have been developed several of which were suggested by young people who have been part of our projects. Embrace also branched into other areas such as environmental projects which we run with local schools, college and charities to improve local green spaces for the communities they reside in to use. Embrace Was able to utlised the knowledge it gained delivering these national and international projects to offer professionals tailored made courses that offer real world examples of the approaches used to help young people both nationally and internationally.

One of Embrace’s core values is that empowering the youth should always be its focus, to help accomplish this goal Embrace became a youth lead organisation which procured most of its staff members from the beneficiaries of previous projects. One of the main benefits of this policy is that Embrace’s staff originate from a wide array of ethnicities, social groups, and skill sets whether they are employed, freelance or volunteers who support the work of the organisation and its philosophies.