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Waltraud Idir

MA Employment & Human Resources Studies, BSc Economics


Waltraud is the Director and Founder of Embrace with 20 years of extensive experience working with the most disadvantaged young people (multi-ethnic and socio-economic background) of which many are in-care or are care leavers. Her speciality is to develop, design and manifest new and innovative approaches to support young people in their personal development, educational achievement and professional attainment as well as training staff af managers of schools, colleges, social care institutions and NGOs

Moses Bukenya

BA (Hons) Social Science, Community Development & Youth Work.

General Manager

Moses is the General Manager of Embrace, responsible for the overall management and operations of the organisation. He is a graduate in Social Science, Community Development & Youth Work and also has accounting background. He has more-than 10yrs of experience in Community, Youth and Outreach Work, Mentoring, working with Young Offenders, working with Young People excluded or at risk of exclusion from main stream Education. He is also involved in delivering Personal Development and Skill based training to Young People and Professionals in our programmes, as well as contributing to the design of new initiatives and projects.

He has a passion to empower and positively affect young people, professionals that work with them and adults to live life purposefully while fulfilling their LifeDreams.

John Cannell

Freelance Environmental Consultant & Trainer

John is responsible for Embrace Cooperation Ltd environmental community projects. He has 10 years experience of delivering successful environmental community projects, including managing volunteers and staff. His role involves research, consultation, community engagement, grant application writing, project development and delivery of environmental projects. Currently he is the Vice Chairman of nature conservation charity Lesnes Abbey Conservation Volunteers. He has previously run horticultural, nature conservation, environmental education&historical community projects and activities for various not for profits and charity organisations.

Adam Koroma

BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology and Design

Media Officer

Adam specialises in multimedia design, from websites to booklets, from films to photography. He has a penchant for combining multiple types of media to achieve his end goals and he's always looking for new challenges to aid him in expanding his skill-set.

Flavia Cruciani

International Environmental Project Assistant – Volunteer

Planning and organisation of international environmental projects in collaboration with Ethiopia, regarding organic farming and urban green spaces. In addition, project coordinator, recruiter and trainer of young people for international workshops. Policy and funding research. Drafting and proofreading of reports, applications, recruitment notices, acquisition requests.

Gary Suen

BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

International Environmental Project Assistant – Volunteer

Mapping and researching on new partnerships, voluntary services, social media design and promotion, creating new ideas for international environmental projects. Participation in environmental event –‘Insect Survey’ in local school, professional exchange program - ‘Build & Sustain Low Carbon Economy’ in Germany and youth exchange program –‘Youth & Body Image’ in Turkey. In additional, photographer, blog’s journalist, trainer for young people in international workshops and acquisition requests.

Eskender Kassa

non-executive Director, Certified Business Consultant & Trainer

Eskender has developed his own company and currently works as an international trainer. Eskender is very passionate about personal development and leadership, he has developed many programmes covering them both in depth. He has worked in the field of education for over a decade as a senior trainer and consultant, he works internationally delivering training courses in management, leadership and youth development

Grace Lopez-Charles

PhD Mathematics

non-executive Director, Educational Consultant

Grace has worked for the institute of education as an educational consultant supporting all kinds of organisations and charities which specialise in training, education, further education and self development. She has in-depth knowledge regarding positive learning structures and supporting young people in their learning and academic achievements. She has over 35 years experience in the education sector and she’s always updating her knowledge on the latest methods of teaching (both traditional and more modern teaching methods such as experiential learning.)